2020 NWSA Annual Conference Call for Proposals
The Poetics, Politics, and Praxis of Transnational Feminisms

Hilton Minneapolis, November 12-15, 2020

The 2020 NWSA conference theme, “The Poetics, Politics, and Praxis of Transnational Feminisms,” seeks to open up conversation about the evolution of transnational feminisms.  Rooted in the pioneering scholarship of Jacqui Alexander, Inderpal Grewal, Caren Kaplan, and Chandra Talpade Mohanty, among others, transnational feminism has been a subject of feminist study, theorizing, and discourse for decades. It has contributed immensely to decentering Western, especially US, scholarship and generated new forms of anti-racist, anti-imperialist, and decolonial feminist praxis and epistemologies that cross national boundaries. 

The intention of this call is to revisit the linear narratives that accompany gender and feminist studies which circumscribe the emergence and definition of transnational feminism as well as  erase the long history of Black transnational feminisms. It also seeks to affirm the particular discourses within transnational feminisms that have been deepened by analyses of class, culture, religion, ethnicity, race, and caste. This is a critical historical moment to foreground the global context and to consider what a systemic, materialist, anti-racist transnational feminist analysis can offer... (Click here more information)


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