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Individual Membership

As a member of the National Women's Studies Association (NWSA), you belong to the nation's largest network of feminist scholars, educators, and activists. 

All memberships run on a calendar year basis, beginning January 1 and ending December 31.  Members who complete their forms and payments after October 1, receive membership for the following year. 
The National Women's Studies Association regrets that it cannot refund or transfer membership payments.         
2019 Individual Membership Dues
Sliding Scale Based on Income
Income Annual Dues
Up to $40,000 $150
Up to $60,000 $185
Up to $80,000 $230
Up to $100,000 $265
Over $100,001 $295
Student $90
Unemployed $90
Retired $90

Instructions for people renewing individual memberships or for people with "Guest Login" status
  • Log in using the "Member/Guest Login" portal in the left menu or by clicking on "Login" in the horizontal menu at the top.
  • Click on "Your Account" to get to your member portal if you are not immediately taken there.screenshot with arrow point to the words your account
  • Click "Membership Renewal" on the vertical left menu bar.screenshot with arrow pointing to the words membership renewal
  • Follow the steps to either change the Guest Login to a paid individual membership or to renew individual membership at the current/different income level.

Join/Renew via hardcopy

If you have any questions, issues, or concerns, please contact