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To login to your NWSA account
1. Enter your username and password to login to your individual account in the boxes (please note: programs/centers cannot register for  the annual conference; only individual members).
2. Click "Your Account" after you login if you are not immediately taken to the member portal.

Once you are logged in, you can renew your membership, changechange your contact information, view your caucuses, etc.

To renew your NWSA membership or change your membership from Guest Login
1. Login using the instructions above.
2. Click "Membership Renewal" from the vertical menu bar.
3. Follow the instructions to renew under the correct membership type. You can also update your membership type and change from Guest Login.
4. Once renewed, log out and log back in to refresh your record.

To create a Guest Login
Please carefully read all of the instructions before creating a Guest login account.
Please make sure that you go through all of the steps on each page. You will receive an email confirmation if you complete the steps properly.
1. Click here or go to Membership and click "Join Online."
2. Choose the option "Guest Login" under the Membership Type Details dropdown menu.
3. Follow the instructions in the membership application for creating a guest login. NOTE: on the last page titled "Complete Registration," please make sure you click "Register Now" in the bottom right corner to finalize registration for your Guest Login account. If you do not click "Register Now," your Guest login account will not be saved >> see the screenshot below.

4. When you have clicked on the "Register Now" button, you will be sent to a confirmation page >> see the screenshot below. If you do not see this page, you have not completed your Guest account registration.

NOTE: If you do not see this page and do not receive an email confirmation, you did not register correctly. 
Please keep track of your username and password. These credentials will be used to login to your NWSA account for submissions and all NWSA member business. It is important that you login to renew your membership using these same credentials to submit your proposal. Please do not create a new account. If you have issues, please contact