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Other Awards and Prizes

Each year, NWSA in coordination with different NWSA caucuses offers multiple awards for people who are current members of NWSA. Applications will be accepted online during the application submission process.

NWSA Women of Color Caucus-Frontiers Student Essay Award
Trans/Gender-Variant Caucus Award

NWSA Graduate Scholarship
Lesbian Caucus Award



NWSA Women of Color Caucus-Frontiers Student Essay Award
Deadline has been extended to August 1, 2019!
The purpose of the National Women’s Studies Association (NWSA) Women of Color Caucus-Frontiers Student Essay Awards is to discover, encourage, and promote the intellectual development of emerging scholars who engage in critical theoretical discussions and/or analyses about feminist/womanist issues concerning women and girls of color in the United States and diasporas. One (1) $500 award is available for a woman of color who is a current graduate student and member of NWSA.

The prize-winning essay will automatically be considered for publication by Frontiers; all essays are subject to Frontiers peer review process. If winning essays are accepted for publication, additional revisions may be required.


Submission Requirements

  • Submissions must be from women of color who are current individual NWSA members and currently enrolled in a graduate or a professional program. Recent recipients of a terminal degree (no later than May 2019) are also eligible to apply.

  • Completed online form (linked above)
  • Applicants should address the 2019 conference theme (complete details at

  • Submissions must be original manuscripts, not previously published in whole or in part (whether online or in print) or under consideration for publication or another award.

  • Manuscripts must be word-processed, double-spaced (including endnotes), and should not exceed 14,000 words.

  • The title page should include the applicant's name, address, email address, college or university affiliation, and student status (graduate or eligible post graduate) in the top right corner. No other identification information should appear in the manuscript.

  • Citations should follow the Chicago Manual of Style, 15th edition, with "humanities style" endnotes. Source information is provided only through numbered endnotes. This information is not given in parentheses or in a bibliography.

  • All submissions must be exclusive submissions to Frontiers for the duration of the essay award contest

  • Submissions must be accompanied by a letter of recommendation from a mentoring professor. The letter of recommendation should speak to the importance and innovation of the applicant's particular research interventions, and should also address the applicant's skills, accomplishments, and other qualities that make them well suited as a leader in research on women of color. Additionally, the letter of recommendation must address the suitability of the paper for publication in Frontiers.

  • The Caucus identifies women of color as those persons from African, Asian (including Asian American, Pacific Islander, Arab or Middle East Asian), Latin American, or American Indian (including African Native American or Alaskan Native) descent.

    Please note, Submittable login is separate from your NWSA login

Trans/Gender-Variant Caucus Award
Application for the Trans/Gender-Variant Caucus Award were due on July 2, 2019
The purpose of this award is to recognize and support the work of scholars working in the emergent field of Trans Studies, broadly conceived. This $200 prize will be awarded to any caucus member whose paper was accepted for the 2019 annual conference and demonstrates potential to advance the field of trans studies. The recipient will be selected by a committee composed of the caucus chair and two caucus members.

The paper will be selected based on the following criteria: originality of topic; quality of analysis and/or methods; potential to contribute to the field of trans studies; integrative analysis of race, class, gender, sexuality, dis/ability, empire, etc.; and clarity and organization.

Submission requirements:
  • Accepted paper at the 2019 annual conference
  • Current Individual NWSA Membership
  • Member of Trans/Gender-Variant Caucus at time of submission
  • Completed online submission form
  • Paper of no more than 20 pages, double-spaced
  • 1-2 page CV
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NWSA Graduate Scholarship
Applications for the Graduate Scholarship were due March 31, 2019
NWSA will award $1,000 to a student who, in the fall of the year of the award, will be engaged in the research or writing stages of a Master's Thesis or Ph.D. Dissertation in the interdisciplinary field of women's studies. The research project must enhance the NWSA mission. This opportunity is open to current NWSA individual members.

Submission Requirements:

  • Current Individual NWSA Membership
  • Completed online form (linked below)
  • PDF of one-page CV
  • Letter of recommendation from Program Director (if your primary department is not Women's Studies, we would suggest asking who you think would write you the strongest letter about your work as it relates to NWSA). Note, in the form you'll input your Program Director's email and the system will send a notification to upload their recommendation directly.
          Please note, Submittable login is separate from your NWSA login

Lesbian Caucus Award
Deferred for 2019
The purpose of the annual NWSA Lesbian Caucus Award is to provide a $500 research award in recognition of a Master’s Thesis or Doctoral Dissertation project in areas of Lesbian, Queer, and LGBT Studies that resonates with the mission of NWSA. The field of the degree is open, but the work should focus on lesbian (defined broadly) lives, identities, or realities and make a contribution to the fields of lesbian and sexuality studies.

Award applications are evaluated on the basis of
  1. Clarity of project description;
  2. Relevance to mission of NWSA, goals of Lesbian Caucus, and field of Women’s and Gender Studies;
  3. Engagement of feminist analytical frameworks/methodologies; and
  4. Potential impact on the fields of lesbian/sexuality studies.
  • Current Individual NWSA Membership
  • Completed online form
  • One letter of recommendation, preferably from dissertation or thesis adviser, although DGS letters will be accepted. Note, in the form you'll input you letter writer's email and the system will send a notification to upload their recommendation directly
  • All scholarship applicants are encouraged to apply for NWSA Conference Registration and Travel Grants if assistance is needed for NWSA conference participation